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Everyone who comes to Inspire for his or her services and/or supports is a Member. Members can be as involved as much or as little as they like.

At Inspire everyone is a Member and Members.

  • Vote on issues that shape services, policy, and leadership
  • Can join or start a special interest committee
  • Can run for a position on the Board of Directors
  • Are part of a nation-wide peer network
  • Are a community partner
  • Help design services offered and the future of Inspire, HSC
  • Participate in Member Meetings
  • Access a Purchasing Program offering significant discounts

Though everyone using services through Inspire is a Member there are three types to chose from:


Member-Elects are individuals using Inspire services but are not a Voting Member.

Voting Members:

Members become Voting Members through invitation. Inspire's Board of Directors approve all new Voting Members. Members must be actively using Inspire services for 12 months, attending gatherings, participating in committee activities, attend a co-op orientation meeting and annual meetings before becoming eligible for Voting Member invitation.

Associate Members:

Individuals not using Inspire's services but access the purchasing program by paying an Associate Membership Fee of $10.00. Organizations accessing Inspire's purchasing program by paying $100.00: $50.00 Associate Membership Fee and $50.00 Annual Purchasing Fee. $50 purchasing fee is waived with first year membership.

Member Enrollment Form

Member Scholarships:

Inspire Members have access to Member Scholarships to go towards participation in events and conferences that enhance a Member's personal and professional development and advocacy in health and human services.

Scholarship Policy and Request Form

Purchasing Program:

Members have access to purchasing discounts with:

For more information about purchasing opportunities call our main office at 602-258-0900.